Private Party Deposit

Private Party Deposit

Schedule a Private Event with us! 

Information, including Terms & Conditions, for booking an event with us:

  1. View our Calendar of Events to help choose a potential time slot

  2. Use our Event Request Form to submit your request

  3. We will reply as soon as we can with a confirmation or denial of the request.
    • If it is approved: We will mark your event as "Pending" and you may move to step 4
    • If it is denied: We will let you know what other time slots are available

  4. If your timeslot is approved, you will then come to this page to pay your deposit.
    • Your timeslot may be forfeit if deposit is not made within 72 hours of timeslot approval and others are requesting the same slot.

    • If your event is at Artsy Chic Studio, 1520 Broadway Avenue:
      1. Your deposit may be used toward the cost of the event:
        • A minimum of 10 guests register and pay in full no later than 1 week out from the event.
        • If you have less than 10 guests, we just need the equivalent dollar amount for the absent registrations. This can be offset by the deposit.
        • Any remainder may be credited to the host's account.
      2. Host need not register.
      3. If we have not received payment for the equivalent of at least 10 people by 1 week out, you have a couple options:
        • Forfeit the deposit and pay the remainder
        • Forfeit the deposit and divide the difference among your guests

    • If your event is within Mattoon City Limits, but not at our Studio:
      1. The deposit is forfeit, as it will be used to cover our set up and tear down labor expenses
      2. At a minimum, we must receive payment for 10 guests by 1 week out.
      3. The host must also register and pay for the event, in addition to paying the deposit. This counts as 1 of the 10 minimum.
      4. If we have not received payment for at least 10 people (i.e. $350 for a $35 canvas) by 1 week out, your options are:
        • Host may pay the difference
        • Guests may split the difference

    • If your event is outside of Mattoon City Limits:
      1. The deposit is forfeit, as it will be used to cover our set up and tear down labor expenses
      2. The host must also register and pay for the event, in addition to paying the deposit.
      3. A minimum of 10 guests must be paid in full by 1 week out.
      4. Additional mileage and travel fees may apply. Please contact Jason Browning, Business Manager, for a Mileage Quote.

  5. CANCELLATIONS: Must have written notice no later than two weeks prior to your event. After this date, the host will be held responsible for paying any difference to ensure the minimum is met.


Contact us to schedule a date and time for your party. 

The deposit amount holds the date for your event, and pays for any extra room rental charges. 

*Please contact us at least 7 days in advance if rescheduling is needed. 

Cancellations due to inclement weather will result in full refund of all monies, in the form of Store Credit on individual accounts.


Thank you for choosing Artsy Chic Studio!